Online Learning in the Arab World: An Educational Model That Needs Support

The Arab world is at a crossroads. With youth, the region’s greatest asset, facing immense challenges, including low quality of education, high unemployment rates, and a changing employment landscape, governments need to rethink their approach to education and training. This includes considering innovative models to support youth’s access to quality higher education that effectively prepares them for an unpredictable future.

This policy brief presents the perspectives of Arab youth and employers on skills building, career readiness and the potential role that online and blended learning (a combination of face-to-face and online) can play in addressing these challenges. The brief concludes with two recommendations that offer substantial promise for improving the educational experiences and career prospects of youth in the region. These are:

  1. Building stronger links between higher education and employment
  2. Recognizing new models of learning and investing in online and blended education and training solutions

Dr. Samar Farah, Director of Research and Innovation, Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education; and Soraya Benchiba, Research AssistantAbdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education. 

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