University and Career Readiness

Navigating the fast-paced reality of current and future economies can be daunting. Often, the mismatch of skills that fresh graduates and young employees possess, and the demands of the job market, prevent youth from making meaningful and productive employment transitions.

To address this mismatch, AGF seeks to create learning opportunities for young people who are attempting to enter higher education or the job market, training opportunities for those currently employed but lack marketable skills, and reskilling opportunities for those looking to make career shifts for improved livelihoods.

In late 2021, AGF launched the NOMU Initiative to empower 25,000 Emirati youth by 2025. NOMU offers high quality training and experiential learning opportunities that are tied to UAE priority sectors in the nation’s sustainability strategy. NOMU leverages new and existing partnerships with academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to design and implement these opportunities. Ultimately, NOMU is harmonizing the ecosystem across sectors to encourage proactive collaboration among stakeholders.

Meaning ‘growth’ in Arabic, NOMU focuses on preparing youth with the information, skills and tools needed for success in a digital, knowledge-based economy. The initiative will also help youth develop the 10 competencies identified by World Economic Forum (WEF) to succeed in the future workplace.

Providing market-driven and industry-led future-facing educational opportunities, AGF seeks to create learning pathways for young people who range from first job seekers to those looking to reskill to avoid losing their jobs due to automation.

NOMU contributes towards the UAE government-led ‘Projects of the 50’ agenda and NAFIS program to boost the country’s global competitiveness and supply it with young Emirati talents. In so doing, NOMU also contributes to advancing the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

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NOMU Pathways

  • Career and
    University Readiness

    Raise the awareness and exposure of youth to higher education and career opportunities through innovative and technology-driven approaches to information delivery and skill development.

  • Upskilling and
    Future Skills

    Bridge the skills gaps and support institutions across the region to provide accredited, industry- recognized certifications to create better skilled and competitive candidates for the job market.

  • Workplace

    Engage the corporate sector to provide youth with on-the-job experiences such as internships, mentorships and apprenticeships, while also giving youth the opportunity to apply the soft skills they have gained in a real-world environment.

Pathway Programs


Launched in March 2022 in partnership with Udacity, TechUp is an employment learning pathway that provides young people with foundational digital literacy skills and highly specialized market driven technical degrees to close the digital skills gap. The program will integrate the role of the private sector within workforce upskilling and push the boundaries of future education to enhance Emirati talent. It is serving national university students, recent graduates, residents of the northern emirates, people of determination, and those at risk of losing their jobs due to automation, by providing them with the opportunity to graduate with Nanodegrees co-developed by some of the world’s best global companies such as Google, Amazon, BMW and more.

To learn more and enroll in the program check the link here.

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program (YTP)

Launched in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) in 2018, YTP is a digital platform designed to support Emirati and Arab youth between the ages of 15 and 35 develop the skills they need to succeed in educational opportunities and in the workplace. YTP is a digital skills platform that aims to provide vital information and tools to youth, including a career assessment tool,  over 35 transferable skill development courses and advising services to help youth make well-informed education and employment decisions. Since its inception, the free-of-charge, bilingual program has reached over 50,000 users from across the Arab region. YTP also serves as a foundational entry point for many NOMU pathway programs.

Click here to learn more about the program and register.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

The first of its kind in the region, the MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp was launched in collaboration with United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The 10-week intensive program ran from February to April 2021 and brought together 120 Emirati and Arab youth, supported by 15 MIT coaches, to create innovative solutions to address the challenges of youth unemployment in the Arab region. The challenge was in line with the 100 Million Stars initiative launched by UAEU. The budding entrepreneurs participated in a blend of virtual learning sessions and onsite team meetups, as well as online, expert-led sessions highlighting employment challenges, labor market dynamics and entrepreneurship ecosystems using region-specific scenarios.

U.S. University Readiness Program (UURP)

The UURP is a multi-stakeholder collaboration between AGF, the UAE Ministry of Education, AMIDEAST and the U.S. Mission to the UAE. The university-geared upskilling program developed the skills of over 100 Emirati high school students from schools across the UAE to navigate the admission process of higher education institutions in the United States. Students take part in an interactive and engaging after-school enrichment program fostering English language competencies and developing communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills needed to strengthen their prospects of acceptance into U.S. universities.