Yacoub Lambaz

Software Engineer

Amman, Jordan

Meet Yacoub Lambaz, an AGF scholar from Jordan who pursued a BS in Computer and Communication Engineering at the American University of Beirut

“Since starting my university/scholarship journey, I have matured and become more aware, empathetic, and a better person overall. The AGF scholarship has been a source of support and encouragement, allowing me to focus on my studies and professional growth.”

Yacoub graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2022. After pursuing an internship with Amazon, Yacoub is currently employed as a Software Engineer at MaqsamJordan.

Yacoub is looking forward to learn more about the industry and share his knowledge to prosper the entire community of Jordan.

“The AGF scholarship meant support to me. The coordinators were amazingly helpful, the students were so connected, and the resources were useful.”