Wissam Zeineldine

Electrical Engineer

Beirut, Lebanon
Quattro Engineering & Contracting

Meet Wissam Zeineldine, an AGF scholar from Lebanon who pursued a MS in Engineering Management at Arizona State University.

“Magical, fulfilling and ambition are three words that describe my AGF experience. It was a very bright stage in my life. Beautiful memories and a magical opportunity to be shared in the future, and to help me reach my dreams. Such an achievement presents itself as a huge emotional and motivational base to be built on, as I continue my journey through life. Thank you for everything.”

Wissam graduated from Arizona State University in 2022 and currently he is employed as an Electrical Engineer at Quattro Engineering and Contracting in Beirut, Lebanon.

Wissam is looking forward to giving back to his community through his knowledge and expertise.