Wajih Jawhar

Experimental Medicine

Montreal, Canada
McGill University

Meet Wajih Jawhar, an AGF scholar from Lebanon who pursued a MS in Human Genetics at McGill University.

“It is interesting how a single event can tremendously impact someone’s life course. It is also truly fascinating that it sometimes takes a single individual to believe in you for an opportunity to manifest, doors to open, and great things to be accomplished. This is what Al Ghurair Scholarship meant to me amongst many other scholars.”

Wajih graduated from McGill University in 2019 having the Genetics Award after his research in cancer genetics during his studies.

As part of his pursuit in becoming a pediatric cancer researcher, he spent some time working as a research assistant at the RI-MUHC. Currently, he is planning to pursue his PhD in Experimental medicine.

“From academic and health research perspectives I do believe there are still many gaps to fill in the Arab world and internationally and it is a privilege for me to partake in amending the situation and envisioning a brighter future.”