Taha Bouhoun

Computational Sciences

United States
San Francisco, California, United State
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Meet Taha Bouhoun, an AGF scholar from Algeria who pursued a BS in Computational Sciences at Minerva Schools KGI

“Throughout my undergraduate studies, the Al Ghurair foundation has given me exceptional support to navigate my academics and my professional career. I loved being part of a big-picture mission to develop future leaders in the MENA region. It made me always reflect on whether my personal goals and aspirations are well-aligned with societal needs that we collectively are responsible for.”​

Taha graduated from Minerva Schools KGI in 2021. Upon his graduation, he participated in a Research Fellowship at Stanford University to leverage data science for social good. ​

Moving forward, Taha is seeking an advanced degree in Data Science, specifically in the realm of Causal Inference and Empirical Policy Evaluation.​

He inspires to be part of many impactful projects that would contribute to the community’s well being.