Saja El Yaacoub

Biomedical Diagnostics

Geneticist and Bioengineer

Meet Saja El Yaacoub, an AGF scholar from Palestine who pursued a MS in Biomedical Diagnostics at Arizona State University

“The AGF Scholarship program was the life vest that saved me from drowning in the hardships of life by giving me the chance to pursue my dream. It has been an opportunity of a lifetime to me personally that has revolutionized my thoughts and goals positively. A thousand thank you for showing us that there is still hope and that we should never give up on ourselves no matter what!”​

Saja El Yaacoub graduated from Arizona State University in 2021. Currently, she is participating in an online Bootcamp called Simple Learn in collaboration with Purdue University to learn more about Data Science and Machine Learning.​

Saja is looking forward to becoming a researcher in the genomic industry and give back to the Arab region.