Rua Sulaiman



Meet Rua Sulaiman, an AGF scholar from Syria who pursued a BS in Physics at the American University of Beirut

“I truly believe that my degree at AUB has opened my eyes to a new world that I never experienced before. The huge number of unique opportunities and experiences that I have gone through have shaped my thinking and perspectives and supported my mental growth in so many ways. All of this was possible only because of the Al Ghurair foundation scholarship.”

Rua graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2020, and currently she is pursuing her postgraduate studies in Astrophysics at the same university.

Rua is looking forward to continuing her path in academia to change society’s perspective about physics.

“I find it my responsibility towards my society to revolutionize the education of Physics so that this dark ugly picture students have about it is changed. Reaching such a goal is fundamental for the strong and profound progress of the society as members, and consequently as whole.”