Rana Khalel


Cairo, Egypt
American University in Cairo

Meet Rana Khalel, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a BS in Biology from the American University in Cairo.

“Being an Al-Ghurair Scholar was a life-changing opportunity, it taught me the true meaning of leaving an impact and giving back to my community. It will always be a true inspiration for how to make a difference and bridge the gaps in the world.”

Rana graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2022 and upon her graduation she pursued her master’s degree in Biotechnology at the same university in Cairo.

During her studies, Rana participated in several extra-curricular activities. She was selected to represent Egypt in three international sciences forum in Indonesia, Ukraine, and Uganda. 

Also, she was elected as the first coordinator for Egypt in the Next Generation Global Health Security Network, and she was the panelist and lecturer in the first inaugural synthetic biology and biosecurity conference in Africa. All this led to founding and leading the first AUC-EGYPT iGEM team to get a silver medal in prestigious international competition.