Ola Ezzeddine

Civil Engineering

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Ernst & Young Global Limited - EY

Meet Ola Ezzeddine, an AGF scholar from Lebanon who pursued a BS in Civil Engineering at the American University of Beirut

“Receiving the AGF STEM Scholars Scholarship will always be my very first milestone. It has catered for my academic aspirations and formulated a shift in my personal progress. As I reflect back on the mentorship, support, and leadership drive I’ve received under the program, I cannot but hold onto this opportunity with utmost gratitude and pride.”​

Ola graduated from American University of Beirut in 2020, and currently she is pursuing her passion in sustainability development by being employed as a Sustainability Consultant at EY.​

Ola is super excited for what’s coming next as she knows that this journey will be a journey of capacity building and delivering tangible results.​

“Giving back to the community amidst the toughest circumstances in Lebanon means clinging to a one last ray of hope. At times, I’m even uncertain of its existence myself. Yet, impact drives progress – and collectively, youthful change becomes inevitable. I know that mindful human capital is our greatest asset, and it’s time to become the change we want to see”.