Nancy Mohamed

Junior Architect

Cairo, Egypt

Meet Nancy Mohamed, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a BS in Architectural Engineering at the American University in Cairo.

“AGF has truly been a nurturing support system for me, helping me in my ups and downs, and preparing me for a brighter, ambitious future. I am dedicated to achieve my environmental-oriented goals and have started my baby steps towards doing so, but, five years later, these goals have become coupled with a sense of service towards social development in the Arab world that AGF has ingrained within me.”

Nancy graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2021, and she is currently employed as a Junior Architect at Environas.

“As an architecture graduate starting her alumni journey, I am charged with a passion to give back to my community through helping to shape the environment. I believe a lot of social change comes down to the built environment itself and the sociological narrative it results in. I, thus, want to see Egypt and other Arab countries develop a better built canvas that is resilient and that actively works towards creating improved effects on social justice, climate justice, and more. I am actively trying to improve my knowledge in these fields and hope that, at some point, I eventually ‘give back’ that way.”