Mohammad Attaelfadil

Supply Chain Management

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kandake DMCC

Meet Mohammad Attaelfadil, an AGF scholar from Sudan who pursued a Micro-Master’s in Supply Chain Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Al Ghurair Scholarship have lightened my financial burden, which allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of my courses: learning. The SCM micro-master changed the course of my career and inspired me to utilize the knowledge I learned in starting my own business.”​

Mohammad completed the program in 2018 and currently he is leading his new business “Kandake DMCC” where he trades for electrical goods.​

Mohammad is looking forward to growing his business as it has been accelerating for the past 3 years.​

“The beacon of light will continue as I’m hoping a day will come when I could levy more knowledge seekers.”