Mohamad Alhajar

Computer Engineering

Ankara, Turkey
EnglishCentral, Inc

Meet Mohamad Alhajar, an AGF scholar from Syria who pursued a BS in Computer Engineering at KoC University.

“Al Ghurair foundation was the steppingstone in my journey to build my dreams. The way they believed in my abilities of thriving through my career in computer engineering got me the right push and motivation to invest in myself and move forward in my academic career.”

Mohamad graduated from Koc University in 2019. Upon his graduation, he was able to secure a 100% scholarship to continue his Master’s Degree at Bilkent University in Computer Engineering.

Mohamad is looking forward to pursuing a career in Data Science, so he decided to invest his time and abilities to discuss this topic in his research and to have his own impact in the field.