Moayed Haj Ali

Computer Science

United States of America
Texas, United States of America
Rice University

Meet Moayed Haj Ali, an AGF scholar from Syria who pursued a BS in Computer Engineering at Koc University.

“I once again find myself in a position that I was in four years ago, closing a big chapter of my life and getting ready for another adventure, only this time with more hunger for knowledge, and eagerness for success. I hope that this victorious narrative will only continue to expand, showing that the trust that AGF put in Arab students was well placed.”

Moayed graduated from Koc University in 2022. Upon graduation, Moayed was able to secure a fully funded scholarship to pursue his PhD in Computer Science at Rice University in Texas.

“Giving back to me is a commitment to taking the knowledge, skills, and experiences I have gained in my undergraduate studies and will gain in my graduate studies to benefit the next generation of Arab students. To this end, I aspire to act as a mentor to undergraduates who have a proclivity for an academic career, to assist them in pinpointing their research interests and applying to suitable graduate schools. Additionally, I plan to assemble a research group comprised of Arab students to pursue a research endeavor in matters related to the underprivileged countries in the Arab world while I pursue my PhD.”