Mennatallah Soliman

Construction Engineering

Cairo, Egypt
American University in Cairo

Meet Mennatallah Soliman, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a BS in Construction Engineering at the American University in Cairo.

“The AGF scholarship program is an educational opportunity that helped develop my character immensely. I wouldn’t have been able to attend this university without it. Changemaker, support and safety are three words that can describe my experience with AGF.”

Menna graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2021 and currently she is pursuing her master’s degree in Construction Management at the same university.

Menna is looking forward to completing her studies and giving back to her community.

“Giving back is a crucial aspect of everything I do. I want to increase my knowledge in every aspect of my career in order to be able to help others who are struggling with the same issues I once struggled with.”