Lana Alhaj Hussein

Computer Engineering

United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Holding

Meet Lana Alhaj Hussein, an AGF scholar from Syria who pursued a BS in Computer Engineering at the American University of Sharjah

“Receiving the Al Ghurair Scholarship was a life-changing opportunity that helped pave the way for me to discover myself, mature both personally and academically, and fulfill my ambitions. The scholarship didn’t only help me get high-quality education in the field I was interested in, but also provided me with a family that supported me and still is, to become a change-making leader in my community.”

Lana graduated from the American University of Sharjah in 2020, and currently pursuing her postgraduate Studies in Computer Science at Khalifa University.

“Having the chance to work with top international faculty leading world-class research and meeting international students with the same research interests as mine has been inspiring.”

Lana is hoping to become an AI engineer and be part of the workforce fulfilling UAE’s strategy for Artificial Intelligence.