Jihad Herzallah

Business Analytics

Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
Etihad Rail

Meet Jihad Herzallah, an AGF scholar from Palestine who pursued a MS in Business Analytics at Arizona State University

“I am very grateful for the kind support I have received from AGF such that I completed MSc in Business Analytics. Giving back to Arab community is a “great outcome” I felt from my journey with Al Ghurair Foundation.”​

Jihad graduated from the Arizona State University in 2021 and currently he is employed as a Senior Risk Analyst at Jacobs, UAE. ​

“My goal is to establish a Project Management Consultancy in the MENA region which is able to support clients to achieve their objectives by leveraging machine learning techniques and big data. In this way, I’ll be able to transform the traditional business analysis into informative, predictive and smart decision making to ensure continuity and growth of the business in the Arab world and offer great opportunities for Arab youth.”