Hussein Abdelbaky

Micro-Master’s in Supply Chain Management

Mercedes-Benz Egypt
Youth for Development and Leadership foundation (YDLF)

Meet Hussein Abdelbaky, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a Micro-Master’s in Supply Chain Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“AGF gave me a great opportunity not only to earn a respectful credential from the school number 1 in the world, but also, it gave me a push to discover my talents and to be more passionate to empower my knowledge and skills. In addition to SCM Micro-Masters, I finished another Micro-Masters from MIT in Principle of Manufacturing and completed my MBA.”​

Hussein graduated from the program in 2019 and currently he is employed as an Assembly Engineering Section Head at Mercedes Benz in Cairo, Egypt.​

“I always consider being part of such a great project to empower the base of the Egyptian automotive industry as a remarkable milestone in my career.”​

Hussein is looking forward to support the sustainability and success of his organization. Also, he is aiming to help more Arab youth access high quality education to push the economy forward in an era of global competition and globalization.