Firas Al Hindawy

Supply Chain Management

ASU-Mayo Clinic Center

Meet Firas Al Hindawy, an AGF scholar from Jordan who pursued a Micro-Master’s in Supply Chain Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“In the last course of this program, I was introduced to machine learning and its applications in supply chain management. This introduction intrigued me to further study this topic on a wider scope which led to publishing two research papers on the application of machine learning in manufacturing.”​

Firas graduated from the program in 2019 and upon his graduation he received the Fulbright scholarship to pursue his master’s degree at Arizona State University (ASU) which qualified him to pursue his PhD and be a research assistant at the ASU Mayo-Clinic Center for Innovative Imaging.​

“My hope for this PhD program is for it to expand my knowledge in machine learning and enable me to reflect this knowledge in both the industry and the academic field in the Middle East and hopefully be able to give back to my community.”