Ahmed Jameel Abdullah

Sustainable Energy System

United Kingdom
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Wood Mackenzie

Meet Ahmed Jameel Abdullah, an AGF scholar from Yemen who pursued a MS in Sustainable Energy System at University of Edinburgh

“I have received unlimited support from the AGF team before, during and after my program. Owning to the motivation I got from, I managed to graduate top of my class in a very demanding program. Being awarded AGF Scholars Program is a one-in-a-million opportunity.”​

Ahmed graduated from University of Edinburgh in 2019 and upon his graduation, he was employed as a Technical Consultant at Green Cat Renewables Ltd, England. Now, he is preparing himself to his new role as Research Associate, EMEARC Power and Renewables at Wood Mackenzie, Edinburgh.​

“Through this role, I will be able to give back to Yemen and the Middle East by passionately working on projects related to the renewable energy sector in the region.”