Abdurrahman Alabrash

Computer Engineering

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Meet Abdurrahman Alabrash, an AGF scholar from Syria who pursued a MS in Computer Engineering at Koc Univeristy

“Al Ghurair Scholarship changed my life path totally! Studying at such university changed my vision and my way of thinking. Being with the best students in the region and being under the supervision of worldwide selected professors is a magnificent thing.”

Abdurrahman graduated from Koc University in 2020. After receiving career guidance from AGF, he was able to secure a full-time position as a Natural Language Processing Engineer (NLP) at Artiwise, Turkey.

Abdurrahman is looking forward to developing himself, improving his skills and sharing experiences in this domain.

“My passion for NLP and ML domains pushes me always to follow the last trends and improve my skills, besides me seeking to find the best people to work with so I can share and gain experiences.”