Abdulrazzak Tamim

Agricultural Economics

University of California, Berkeley

Meet Abdulrazzak Tamim, an AGF scholar from Syria who pursued a MS in Agricultural Economics at McGill University.

“Being selected to receive Al Ghurair Scholarship from many high-achieving young Arabs reminds me that I have the potential to overcome hardships and excel at my studies and work. Al Ghurair Scholarship symbolizes one of my connections to my Arab roots and is a life-changing experience.”

Abdulrazzak graduated from McGill University in 2020 and then worked as a Consultant at the World Bank. In 2022, he started his PhD in Economics at University of California, Berkeley. 

The projects he is working on aim to enhance the welfare of refugees in the Middle East and boost African farms’ productivity. 

Abdulrazzak is aiming to reduce poverty in developing countries through conducting rigorous research and influencing public policies.