Abdelazeem El Hebyan

Biomedical Diagnostics

United Kingdom
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
The University of Edinburgh

​Meet Abdelazeem El Hebyan, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a MS in Biomedical Diagnostics at the Arizona State University

“The AGF scholarship was a great opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.”​

Abdel Azeem El Hebyan graduated from Arizona State University in 2020. Upon his graduation, he created and was able to deliver a clinical research online course for more than 100 students in the Arab region. Abdel Azeem has been accepted to pursue his PhD program in The Infection Medicine Department at University of Edinburgh, UK supported by a fully funded scholarship from EastBio Program.​

“Giving back to the community is important to me to make sure that future generations are able to improve the situation in our region and solve our problems.”