Brahim Redouane Mellah

Electrical Engineering

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Polytechnique Montréal
Zebra Technologies

Meet Brahim Redouane Mellah, an AGF scholar from Algeria who pursued a MS in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal

“The AGF scholarship was a turning point in my life for the best, it allowed me to receive a good education at one of the finest universities in Canada, Polytechnique Montreal.”​

Brahim graduated from Polytechnique Montreal in 2019 and upon his graduation, he was employed as a Software Designer at Matrox, Canada. His work consists of developing algorithms to extract the necessary information from images, allowing robots to have human like eyes.​

Brahim truly believes in the power of giving back to the community as a source of change.​

“Change starts with us, it is a long process, and I am ready for it, starting with family and friends.”​